Images not displaying in Box note, despite having Editor access

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  • France

    Hi Christina, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Just to give you some background on how images in Box Notes work:

    • When an image is added to a Box note, a subfolder is created in the same folder as the Box Note to house the image. 
    • Instead of directly placing the image in the Box note, a shared link is auto-created from the image and put into the Box note.
      • This greatly reduces load time if many images are placed in the Box Note.
    • This means that the image is not directly in the Box note but a link is created between the Box note and the image by a shared link.
    • The images are inserted into the note using Shared Links with your account's default access type. If you are sharing a Box Note with someone outside your company, you may need to adjust the access level of the images' shared links for them to appear. You can check the shared links for these images and make sure they are set to "People with the Link" instead of "People in your company or Invited People Only".

    More information can be found in this article:

    Hope that helps!


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  • Fabiola Fernandez

    I'm also having the same issue. Although I cannot see certain images within my Box notes. Just like Christina, if I navigate to the folder which stores the actual images, I can see them there. However back on the notes, I receive the error "Image could not be loaded due to removal or insufficient permissions." How is this possible if I'm the owner of the image? I have also noticed this only happens in the online version of Box notes and not the downloaded client. 


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  • Fabiola Fernandez

    I was able to resolve this by clearing my browser cache and cookies. Also make sure the pictures still reside in the Box Notes Images folder.

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