Using Box in Microsoft 365 Copilot

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  • Rona

    Hi Ben,

    Welcome to Box Community and glad to assist!

    I have created a ticket and a member from Product Support will get in touch, please keep an eye out. 

    Thanks for posting! 


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  • Mike Glover

    Howdy Box Team,

    Running into a similar issue as Ben. We've just enabled Co-Pilot for our organization and I can't find the integration for Box for Co-Pilot in the standard apps library. Was wondering if I could connect with Product Support to understand what the requirements are.



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  • Ben

    Hi Mike, Box Support explained to me that this integration hasn't been released yet and they don't have an ETA.

    What they said:

    "the integration has not been released yet. To be notified when it's released, you can subscribe for updates on product announcements here:"

    For now you have to use OneDrive / SharePoint if you want those features. Seems Excel Copilot doesn't work at all unless the file is on a MS cloud service.

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  • Jonathan Moeller

    How disappointing.  I read the announcement at and they certainly make it sound like this is released.  We are using Box but very interested in Copilot.  The longer that force us to use OneDrive and SharePoint, the weaker the case is for Box in the long term.


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  • Ryan Ohlson

    Totally agree with the community, here. The choice to use Box was influenced by the expectation (based on Box announcements) that Copilot would have access to Box content.

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  • SD

    Has anyone been able to get an update on this?  We are also looking to use copilot, but need this integration to Box for it to work effectively. 

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