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  • maltus

    Hi Betsy.

    The red dot is an icon that Box Sync uses to let you know if an item is able to be synced. Right clicking on an item with this red icon will let you know the reason why it is not syncable.


    In this case, the reason is because the file is locked. Depending on the full message, the cause can be a few different things, however the most common one is that the file is locked on


    Once the file is unlocked, Box Sync should be able to sync the file and the icon should change from red to blue.


    Hope this helps.

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  • pj-ritchie

    I have the red dot also, and it reads: "Cannot sync - Problem item".  Not sure why it does not correct itself?  It's not red to the user who put the file there in the Box.

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  • eboucher

    Hi there, having exact same issue arise with red dot, "Cannot Sync - Problem Item".


    However, it's just a folder of empty folders....

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  • StillJA

    Same/similar problem here.  


    Co-worker created a shared a folder in Browser-Box & shared with me.  I synced it to my desktop so I could browse it among my other Box files using my MS Explorer windows.  Co-worker updated a file in the folder & I can see the current version in Browser-Box, but the version in my sync folder in my MS explorer window has a red dot next to it.  



    What's going on?  

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  • scottdodds



    Thanks for your post and question!


    As  notes previousy in the thread, the red dot lets you know that an item is not able to be synced. Right clicking on an item with this red icon will let you know the reason why it is not syncable.


    With that additional information you may be able to figure out the resolution - if not, post the details here to see if the community can help you figure it out!


    Alternatively, you can contact Box Support to help you directly, or for other support options, visit this page.


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  • Olivia_S

    Hi Everyone, 

    I have the same red dot next to one of my folders in Box. This folder used to be syncable, but now it appears with the red dot and is not visible anymore on The files inside this folder all come from syncing some data from a server online. I can still access the files myself but any other collaborator on the box folder can see them. 

    Any suggestion? 

    In advance thanks for the help.

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  • Ukieman1

    Yes, Dropbox. Half kidding. Same issue, no solution, explanation. My other
    issue is that when I copy old file or move it to Box Sync folder the
    modified date is change to current date. Only answer was to save, copy or
    move local files/folders to which isn't as convenient and more a
    work around. Maybe reason for date change under certain situations but not
    how I use or want to use Box Sync/

    Got 50 GB free (with file size limit, another issue with free storage) so I
    use it but unless someone can tell me another way to maintain
    creation/modified data may look elsewhere. Thanks

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  • Davies Climate Control

    We have several documents with a red dot and the explanation is "Cannot sync - Problem item"  How do we fix this??

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