Create a folder users can upload into without a box account

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  • France

    Hi Greg, 

    Welcome to the Box Community and thanks for your post in the forum!

    Box File request feature is what I can think of that can help accomplish what you are trying to achieve here.

    Using this feature gives you a fast and secure way to request and obtain files, from anyone, so no one needs a Box account to access the link and upload content.

    Note: You must have a paid box account to be able to be able to see this feature. More information can be found in the following articles:

    Thanks again for your time and participation in the Community!



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  • Chris Saunders

    How do you send a file to someone who does not have a box account without making them get a box account?

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  • France

    Hi Chris, 

    Thanks for your question!

    You can use "Shared links" to allow others to view and download content that you send them.

    You want to make sure that you set the correct Shared link access to "People with the link" - with this link access, people do not need to have a Box account to receive/view/download the content within the link.

    Please take a look at this article for more details:  Creating Shared links.

    Thanks for your participation in Box Community!



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