Box Drive dont work at all

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  • AJ

    Hi there,

    Welcome to the Box Community! I'm happy to help.

    Can you try to manually reset Box Drive by following these steps:
    For MAC:
    1. Quit Box Drive if it is running. If necessary, use Activity Monitor to force quit the Box process.
    2. Navigate to your ~/Library folder. From Finder, click Go. Then press and hold the Alt (Option) key and, from the Home menu, click Library.
    3. Ascertain whether any files exist in ~/Library/Application Support/Box/Box/unsyncedFiles. These are files that have not been uploaded to Box. If these files do exist, and if you want to keep them, copy them to any location outside of ~/Library/Application Support/Box/Box/unsyncedFiles (such as your desktop). Proceeding with the steps below will delete these files.
    4. Delete this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Box/Box.
    5. From Terminal, run the following command to clear Box preferences: defaults delete
    6. Launch the Box Drive application, and follow the prompt to log back in.


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  • David Herrick

    Box Drive has become an unreliable tool recently as we update all workstations to macOS Monterey 12.5 at our agency. Something has changed or has not been updated at the code level for the application to ensure proper syncing and file saving within Box Drive. It has worked for years prior with not as many errors as we are seeing now.

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