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    Release Notes

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  • Product : Box Fundamentals

    Box Fundamentals

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  • Product : Box Admin Tools

    Box Admin Tools

    One central place with access controls, settings, and visibility to keep your enterprise secure.

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  • Product : Box AI

    Box AI

    Box AI taps into the wealth of knowledge within your enterprise content - making every person in your company smarter and more productive - all while maintaining enterprise-grade security, compliance, and privacy standards. Ask Box AI anything and get answers in seconds — from drafting meeting notes to uncovering key findings inside a lengthy research study. With AI-powered insights, you can make mission-critical decisions faster and with confidence.

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  • Product : Box Canvas

    Box Canvas

    Box Canvas is a flexible, digital whiteboarding environment with infinite space and an intuitive, easy-to-use toolset for visual collaboration. With Canvas, your teams can take their ideas from brainstorming to execution, securely within Box.

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  • Product : Box Compliance

    Box Compliance

    Meet your data compliance and regulatory needs — GDPR, HIPAA, ITAR, and more.

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  • Product : Box Drive

    Box Drive

    Box Drive is an incredibly simple way to access all of your Box files (even terabytes of data) right on your desktop from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Use Box Drive to easily create and collaborate on files, with all changes automatically saved to Box. Co-author documents simultaneously with colleagues while in desktop productivity suites like Microsoft Office or Apple iWork, and more. And keep the enterprise-grade security protecting everything you do.

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  • Product : Box Governance

    Box Governance

    Box Governance allows organizations to manage their content’s lifecycle by powering business processes with flexible retention schedules, preserving content for defensible discovery, and managing the disposition of content. Get the content lifecycle management your organization needs to reduce risk and stay compliant, all while keeping productivity high.

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  • Product : Box Hubs <Beta>

    Box Hubs <Beta>

    Box Hubs, now in beta, are intelligent portals that help you securely curate, organize and publish content, no matter what file type, or where it lives. That way you can put the right content into the right teammates’ hands, when they need it. And, with Box AI for Hubs, you can ask questions across multiple documents curated in a Hub and get answers in seconds.

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  • Product : Box Mobile

    Box Mobile

    Capture, view, and share all your content securely from your phone or tablet.

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  • Product : Box Notes

    Box Notes

    Work together real-time to create plans, notes, and more in real time from any device.

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  • Product : Box Platform

    Box Platform

    Box APIs allow you to extend Box to meet you custom needs while maintaining necessary content security & compliance standards. Our comprehensive API reference documentation and robust developer toolkit empower you with the tools you need to build from the ground up with confidence.

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  • Product : Box Relay

    Box Relay

    Automate content workflows and collaborative processes with a simple, no-code builder.

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  • Product : Box Shield

    Box Shield

    Box Shield is our advanced security offering that helps organizations reduce risk and protect the flow of information. Shield helps you quickly and intelligently classify your content, apply flexible and frictionless security controls, and detect even the most sophisticated malware attacks.

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  • Product : Box Shuttle

    Box Shuttle

    Box Shuttle empowers admins and co-admins to migrate content into Box at petabyte scale. Built-in tools allow for analysis and planning, configuration and simulation, and migration and reporting. With more than 10 source systems to choose from, begin your data migration today.

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  • Product : Box Sign

    Box Sign

    Box Sign provides seamless, secure e-signatures right where you content lives. Simplify your e-sign workflows by integrating Box Sign with business applications, like Salesforce, and extend with power of Box Sign in custom applications with the Box Sign API. Empower your entire organization with unlimited e-signatures at no additional cost.

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  • Product : Box Skills

    Box Skills

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  • Product : Box Sync

    Box Sync

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  • Product : Box Tools

    Box Tools

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