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  • AJ

    Hi Bonzo,

    Welcome to the Box Community! I'm happy to help.

    Are you the owner or deleter of this content? When a file is deleted, both the person who deleted the item and the owner of the item will be able to retrieve it from their trash. The Trash is located under Account Settings > Trash-- you can also review this article for more details on this process:


    Have you already searched in your other folders in Box and in your Box Trash the missing folder? Box allows you sort and filter items within your trash folder.

    You can filter content by Items I deleted and Items I own.

    • The Items I deleted filter will display all items deleted by you, regardless of who created or owns the item.

    • The Items I own filter will display all deleted items that you own, regardless of who deleted the item.



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  • France

    Hi Bonzo, 

    Welcome to the Box Community, I'm happy to help!

    It sounds like you are having issue accessing your Box files on your Box desktop app.

    Do you mind sending a screenshot of the error you encounter when trying to access your file in your device? Have you tried to check on your files/ folders in Box.com via a web browser to confirm if your files are accessible to you there?

    Looking forward to hear from you!


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