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  • Dustin Parsons

    Is this possible? I want to upload only the files and folders that aren't currently on Box. I don't want to have to reupload everything. Please help


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  • Aira

    Hi there, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Here's an article on how to upload one file in Box: 

    While browsing all files and folders in Box, uploading a new file or folder is straightforward:

    1. In the All Files section, click New + button in the upper-right corner.

    2. Select File Upload or Folder Upload, depending on what you'd like to upload. 
    3. Select the file(s) or folder you'd like to upload.
    4. You can select multiple files for upload by holding the Command or Control key (Mac or Windows, respectively) while selecting files. However, you can only select one folder at a time for upload.
    5. Click Open or Upload.

    You may also check this steps here: https://support.box.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044196633-Upload-to-Box-With-the-File-Browser


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  • Dustin Parsons

    Yeah... as I mentioned I've already uploaded hundreds of files so I don't need any instruction there. 

    I will reiterate my question though since there seems to be some confusion as to what I'm actually asking. I have uploaded a large project of mine to Box for archiving, the project consists of hundreds of files and folders. After uploading the project to Box I had to revisit the project and ended up adding many files and folders to the project on my computer, so now the project on my computer does not match what I archived to Box. I now need to update the project on Box to match the project on my computer (all files and folders need to match). I do not have a list of all the files and folders that were added to the project on my computer. How do I do this without having to upload the entire project from my computer to Box again?

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