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  • katrinaa

    Hi ,


    Thanks for your post in the community!


    It will include external user's information when you run a report for file management in the user activity section. However, the log in activity for external users will not show up and we have no way of getting that information since it is outside of your account. More information on this article > Running Reports

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  • Toosh

    Hello, I found this thread whilst looking at how to report on external user activity.  I have been asked by one of our users if he can see what files have been accessed by an external organisation he has shared data with.


    I have found that it is possible to do this on an individual file basis, but as there are 27k files, I need another way to report on this.   I am trying the suggested solution from this thread, of using the User Activity Report and file management. However I want to limit who it reports on.


    Is there a way of just selecting specific external collaborators to run this report against, otherwise it seems I have to just let it run for everyone, which seems a waste of time and effort as I will have to edit the report to remove unwanted content.


    I hope there is a simpler way of achieving this!


    Many thanks



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  • France

    Hi ,


    Thanks for your post in the community!


    To know which files and what type of activities were taken by a specific external collaborator, I'd recommend to follow the below steps:


    1. Go to the 'Admin Console'
    2. Click 'Reports'
    3. Select the 'User Activity'
    4. Set the date range of the report 
    5. Under 'Action Types' choose 'File management'
    6. Hit 'Run'
    7. Find and click on external user's name
    8. Click on the arrow next to '18 Filters Selected'
    9. Modify the Start date and the End date 
    10. Hit 'Run or Export'


    Follow the same steps for each of the external users you need this report for.


    If this did not help, do you mind providing more information? This will help out other members of the community to answer your question. Thank you!


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  • Toosh



    Thank you for responding to my query.  I struggled to try and find a way to enter the external person's name in the report filter and they didn't come up in the list, only managed users.  


    Your instructions were perfect thank you.  If only the instructions on the reporting screen were better; it was not obvious to run the report and then select the person by name. Who knew?!


    Thank you for your help; much appreciated especially as I do not need to phaff about in Excel now 🙂

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  • Pikul, Olivia

    Is there any change in this or a new report that exists?

    here's my dilemma: we have over 40 pages of external collaborators whose invitations date back to 6+ years ago. What I'm wanting is a report that shows me the last time they accessed a document/ file/ folder that belongs to us. From a user perspective it makes sense to have a report that has this capability. We have the collaborators report you can run but it's not really helpful because I'm not able to see who is actively accessing our files and who isn't. I need to go through and clean out any outdated external collaborators.

    Another option would be to set a rule that if they haven't accessed content in ___ amount of time they will automatically have their collaboration revoked. From what I understand this is also not an option.


    What would be the best way to manage/ clean out external collaborators?

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