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  • Rona

    Hi David, 

    Welcome to Box Community! 

    I've opened a ticket regarding your inquiry and someone from Box Product Support team will get in touch through email. Please keep an eye to our email. 

    Thanks for posting! 

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  • Hanny Baek

    Same here, very inconvenient when working with large amounts of images! Rona

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  • Paul Canady II

    Also very inconvenient when we need tags for documents in Practice Panther (such as when it was signed, delivered, mailed, etc.).

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  • Demo

    Hello Box,

    Box, by removing the Grid View for us desktop users you are making life hellish for those who need to send video files and images to clients for selection/use at their end. 90% of value in the Box platform has been diminished by this one change.

    Instead of us/our clients being able to scan hundreds of images/video clips and then be able to click in to specific files for a closer look, people have to go through one by one to see what images/video clips look like. This update is like going back to the stone ages for people working with video/images and a major mistake that needs urgent attention. Does Aaron know what types of problems it is causing?

    Can you resolve this for us desktop users using of box?

    Has anyone actually checked with customers if this 'update' is useful, or has someone made an update for the sake of it?

    This needs to be looked at from a customer's perspective. Simple exercise. Go to Shutterstock or Getty Images, and imagine you can only see all their images on a desktop/laptop in a list with a tiny thumbnail. That would not work.

    Not everyone is using the app.

    Please respond with a clear resolution asap.

    Thank you,

    Sunflower - Longterm Box users (for this feature).

    replies to: story@sunflowernewsroom.com


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  • David Macfarlane

    Hey Demo

    Apologies if I'm misunderstanding you here, but we've actually still got access to the Grid View. You can click the little icon in the top right and use the slider to change the size of the thumbnails.


    My issue was that they removed the visibility of the 'tags' underneath the images. Now we need to view in list mode to see the tags, which is no use whatsoever!

    Hope that helps you! And hoping Box restore the tag visibility asap!!!!


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  • Paul Canady II

    Box Support,

    We are still waiting!  Please put the tags back or show us how to back out updates to the older version!

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  • Stephen Johnson

    Still waiting. Why does this post show as completed without a comment as to the resolution?

    Same issue on the web version, could install the app, IF that fixes this issue.

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