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How to manage the box users?

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  • iancrew

    Rather than trying to rewrite the Box UI in Python, which seems like a pretty massive task, I think it might be a LOT less work (and ongoing maintenance) to set up single sign on with Box. See for details.

    Another easier alternative, short of implementing SSO, would be to write a python interface to allow your users to set/reset their Box passwords after authenticating with their company credentials.

    Hope that helps!


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  • Box Product Support

    To be a little mor clear onto what is expected: The script is primarily for sending kind of Get/Pst request for allowing users to login with their email ids and apssword for box. Email id in this case happens to be the enterprise email id. The SSO is already active for all these users.

    The problem is the follwing: Do we need to generate a developer key for each user or do we need to request an access token for each user?

    What are the steps for generating the access token for authorizing the user via this script and what are the essential parameters needed to keep this access token active for a long duration?


    I have not been able to find adequate examples/discussions on this topic apart from the OAUTh2 pointer and I am unable to relate how to establish this OAUTH2 requirement for a regular user who will be running this script.


    Your inputs and suggestions will be highly valuable.



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