• Danny_Hernandez

    Hey Ross,


    Google Chrome will actually show a percentage in the individual tab of your upload progress. Here is a screenshot to help clarify.


    This and the progress bar next to the file being uploaded, as well as the progress bar at the bottom of the browser window are the only ways to monitor upload progress at this time.


    Thank you for writing in!

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  • rossmckegney

    Hi Danny,


    This question is not for progress in the app, it's for working with the APIs. The customer is looking for a best practice for uploading to Box, and getting progress indication that can be fed to a progress bar.



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  • Beyhka

    I agree. I also need a way of seeing the upload progress. You drop the files into the relevant Box folder, but the only way of telling the status is the little yellow dots appear on the corner of the file icons. If the files are large, let's say a few gb, you can never tell.


    Just to be clear, we're talking about the local Box app (I'm on Mac), not the browser based access.

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