how does the first leg of Oauth work when using 'http://localhost/blah' in the app's redirect uri?

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  • pgoldweic

    OK, I figured this out already. I had imagined that Box would be 'smart' enough to figure out the address of my hostname when using 'localhost' in the redirectURI, but this is obviously not what happens, and I really needed to have the code running on 'localhost:port' for it to work. Once I did this, it worked as expected.

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  • rocks

    Glad that you managed to get to the bottom of this.


    here is a little bit more about the "redirect_uri" field from our reference documents


    Redirect_Uri - An HTTPS URI or custom URL scheme where the response will be redirected. Must be https and also be registered within the Box app management console. In development, local http hosts are also accepted as outlined in the tutorial below


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