You will NEVER be able to change the Box folder location. 😌

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  • France

    Hi there, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Users can now configure the location of the Box Drive folder on their devices resolving issues around file-to-file linking via absolute paths as seen in many popular apps such as Excel, Word, InDesign, and so on. 

    For the complete instructions, please take a look at this article:

    Thanks for your participation in the forum and let us know how else we can help!


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  • Box User

    France Thanks for your reply  😀

    the article you  which I have followed  and says at its head point   "his article discusses resolving issues around file-to-file linking"    It only copies the folder to another drive for linking.....It is not a solution to relocating from c drive.

    It allows you to put a "copy" on another drive but when you then delete from C drive the copy wont work without c drive reinstall

    I would be very happy if I am wrong  😀


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  • Box User

    Hello ITIOps  🙋🏻‍♂️

    Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply  😀  Your video is great and I found it quite informative 😊   

    However  it appears this still creates copies and doesn't relocate the files

    It unfortunately is further complicated for us that    Box has 2 types of file on your pc

    1) the cloud   2) the downloaded (and if you want to view offline you must click the cloud for it to be fully downloaded)

    I noticed the files you moved  were cloud versions ( little cloud symbol next to them)   

    Can you kindly try this?

    1) download the cloud versions that are on the new drive to the drive (ie click the cloud symbol)

    2) go to the c drive and search for and delete the files in user etc  (xyplorer is a good alt to file explorer)

    3) then try to open the relocated files

    I found they didnt open as the relocated files are "copies" 

    Again I would be very happy if I am wrong


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  • ITIOps

    Let me start off with that my understanding of "Configuring-the-Default-Box-Drive-Folder-Location" was totally flawed.  I was under the assumption that making the change in registry actually moved the location of the synced files to a different folder or different local drive.  That is not at all what happens!  

    What changing the registry entry does is to just repoint the junction point for Box from one location to the new location.  When you exit Box Drive that junction point vanishes until you restart the Box Drive App.  So where do those synced files go?  Those go to the cache folder in your profile under c:\users\[profile]\AppData\Box\Box.  What happens to the files when you unsync the target folder?  Nothing, unless you log out of Box Drive which causes Box drive to delete your entire cache folder.  The files in your cloud Box-folder are not affected. 

    Files in the cache folder and are governed by the rules under "Cache information and behavior" in  If you read further down, you will see that you can modify the cache behavior but those rules don't apply to synced folders from your cloud account.  In fact, the link above states; "You can fill up your hard drive until you have 2 GB of remaining space." because these files aren't subject to the limitations placed on the cache behavior.

    I both learned something new and am completely dismayed by what I learned. 

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  • Box User

    ITIOps sorry you are dismayed.

    So to conclude for when I return, in hope, in the future....

    Box is a great product but ....if you want to relocate to another drive it simply will not and is not for you. ( common eg being c to d drive)

    Frances suggestion above is,,,, unfortunately incorrect if you want to move your downloaded files to another location. It just makes copies. 

    Cloud storage needs to store operational files on c drive  for you to be able to  sync to cloud   (eg C:\Users\YOURNAME \AppData\Local\Box\Box). (Box also needs to store in c path above to enable the files to be open in their apps ie  a word doc in word)

    Other cloud storage do this (store op files on c).. But they also allow you to relocate "your" storage to another drive.   Unfortunately Box does not.....

    So over to France..

    Hi France !!! .😊   Can you kindly ask your head of development 3 questions 🙏🏻

    1) Could box be reasonably configured to allow a persons stored files to be completely relocated (not copied linked etc) to another internal drive, like other Clouds do.. . or is it I fear,,,, the major restructuring required make it work makes it simply not a viable option?

    2) Any plans for a solution to this problem? 

    3)Why is my life so hard? 😀

    Thanks  Adam







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  • ITIOps

    Not one to be stymied I tested out a couple of ideas I had about how this might be done despite Box's lethargy to implement this as a standard feature. 

    Relocating the cache folder for Box drive has been a requested and discussed feature since Box Drive was first announced.  Please lend your support to this idea and vote for it here:

    If you're desperate to have your files stored on a second local disk, read on.  

    Disclaimer: I did test out these ideas on a non-production system and they both appeared to work during the limited amount of time I let the configuration run.  They were tested on a current/patched version of Windows 10 Pro using only the native tools available.

    1) Move the  c:\users\[profile]\AppData\Box\Box folder that contains the cache, data, logs, unsyncedFiles folders to another local location.
    This involves logging out, not exiting, Box drive, moving the Box folder to a new location then using mklink to create a junction point that points to its new location before restarting Box drive and logging in again.  Requires running cmd.exe as an administrator.  It will survive system restarts.


    2) A much more invasive and therefore not for the faint of heart option. Move your profile and/or profile directory (c:\users) to another local location.  This requires editing the system registry and restarting the system to take effect.  While this was not previously supported by Microsoft, that has changed.  If you're going to attempt this make sure you read over and understand the referenced information below and make sure you have a backup plan in case something bad happens.


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  • Box User

    I tried the first Mklink option and whilst it successfully moved Some operation files it reloaded main files back to the c.

    Option 2  interesting maybe good option on a fresh install  otherwise I fear this may affect other programmes already installed.

    Voted for the cache suggestion (thanks for that ITIOps)    but ( and please correct me if i am wrong) Its not the cache thats the issue its the actual files location themselves.

    But.. Should we be having to stick plasters here. the real problem is support from Box.. France is a presence here (Hello France😊 )  Ive emailed direct , replied to a sales email and asked France above....

    Perhaps their aim is large contracts rather than lots of little ones Even with larger clients its impossible to pitch something thats basically good but silent.

    Hopefully one day Box.... may us   👼


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  • ITIOps

    Box User, It doesn't sound like you did something correctly.  The following assumes you have Box drive installed and running.

    1) Logout of Box drive
    2) Open computer and go to c:\users\[profile]\AppData\Box when you will find the Box folder that contains your cached files.
    3) Cut and paste the Box folder containing the data and log folders to the new location. The cache and unsyncedFiles folders will have been deleted when you logged out of Box Drive.
    4) Open cmd.exe as the administrator
    5) type in "mklink /j C:\Users\[profile]\AppData\Local\Box\Box [new location that you saved your Box folder] (in my case I used "e:\box\box").  If successful you should see: "Junction created for C:\Users\[profile]\AppData\Local\Box\Box <<===>> e:\box\box"
    6) In the :\users\[profile]\AppData\Box folder you should see a Box junction icon as shown below
    7) Start Box drive and log in to your account.  
    8) In your target Box folder (in my case e:\box\box) you should see 4 folders; cache, data, logs, & unsyncedFiles.  There will only be a single file in the cache until you open or sync a folder.

    You asked; "Should we be having to stick plasters here".  No, we shouldn't.  This is something Box should undertake to make their product better and maintain parity with their competition.  

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  • Box User

    Thanks very much for that ITIOps

    1) Followed your instructions successfully ( almost) to find it opens a new folder (or old)  storage location  at     c:\ users\(proile)\ shows a box icon  folder   16.8GB   (box online shows storage used 12.3GB)


    C:\Users\[profile]\AppData\Local\Box  is  just 20mb and target (My p) folder is just 17mb So to me it looks like operation files are duplicated.

    It looked like although I have completely removed and reinstalled Box and Box sync it was installing my storage to an old location ( date on pic above is 27Nov20)

    I then reinstalled box sync and changed the location to my target p drive Box then told me box sync no longer necessary & uninstalled

    Unfortunately It still stores my files to the same c drive path as above

    1) when you right click on the box tray system folder (bottom right) /open box folder and right click on a folder in explorer where does it say it is stored?

    2) I don't understand why online / box cloud storage shows 12.3GB but new storage location shows 16.8GB?  

    3) I also dont understand why New storage location shows 16.8GB but when I go offline the files don't open ie they must be just links ( ie I havent right clicked to enable them offline )

    4) what does your storage folder size say in relation to size on cloud.

    6) Does it increase if you righclick save for offline use?


    Thanks again



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  • roci

    This is really frustrating. I have a 1 TB SSD C drive, a 4 TB D drive and a account with 2.1 TB of stuff. I have been working with cloud only for this long but the features are limited/missing so I installed the Windows app, promptly looked for the setting to change the folder location, then searched this forum because SURELY this has to be a feature and why would they hide it?  Nope. Not a feature. Uninstalling. Will move to OneDrive.

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  • roymeo

    I was just struggling with this myself, needing to move from one Windows user account to another (IT guy finally came around to helping fix the spelling of my name on my account) and not being able to see the option that let me do it with the other account.

    I was looking at these instructions but was trying to install the Box app that showed up when logged in which isn't Box Sync, but "Box-x64.msi" which must be Box Drive.  Finding the BoxSyncSetup.exe did give me the option to select where I wanted it again.

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  • Ernesto Sanchez

    Right now the only supported way to choose a non-boot drive for your Cache folder (where the files live) is to use the Box Sync app.  For a single user, it works fine.  But it does not work great if you're using it for a shared folder between multiple users who are constantly touching the files.  It ends up always syncing and it can take up to an hour for new files to be visible in Finder/Explorer.

    In that case, you have to use Box Drive with the unsupported/unofficial symlink workaround to use a non-boot drive for the cache folder.

    Wish Box would just make the feature available in Drive.


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