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  • France

    Hi there, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    It looks like your questions are more about strategies and best practices and best people who can help you out would be from Customer Success Manager or CSM team for consultative advice

    I would highly suggest that you connect with your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will be able to help provide you with more information on how to achieve your desired outcome here

    Thanks for your participation in the forum!

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  • trflesher

    Sure .. as soon as you can get them to respond when I copy them on emails and support tickets, I'd be more than happy to "work with them" ... so far, I never get a response and support has NOT been helpful ... at ALL. 

    It's disappointing to see the direction support of the Box product has gone. 

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  • Dina Badagliacco

    I am new(ish) to using the Box . I want to create a group for each Corporate Vendor I need to send a quote request to for a particular job.  I don't want everyone to see what other vendors are quoting a certain project.  For example:  ABC Electrical Supply has a lighting rep, generator rep, standard materials rep and a gear rep. I would rather put an Address Book for ABC Electric together and send everyone in that "book" a Box link to the project for their respective areas. I would want to do that with DEF Electric and so on.  I wouldn't want ABC Electrical Supply to know that DEF Electrical Supply has access to the link as well.

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