Where are my missing files!

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  • France

    Hi Laura, 

    Welcome to the Box Community, I'm happy to help!

    To confirm, do you own the missing files/folders or are these collaborative items owned by someone else?

    If a collaborative content that you do not own is missing from your Box account, it is most likely that the owner has removed you as a collaborator on the collaborative folder. You will have to contact the folder owner of the collaborative folder to have them re-invite you to that folder again.

    If you own these missing folders, have you tried to check your Box Trash? Box allows you to sort and filter items within the trash folder.

    You can filter content by Items I deleted and Items I own.

    • The Items I deleted filter will display all items deleted by you, regardless of who created or owns the item.
    • The Items I own filter will display all deleted items that you own, regardless of who deleted the item.

    Tip: Filtering by "Items I Own" is helpful when trying to track down content that may have been deleted by a collaborator in a folder you own.

    I hope this is helpful!


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  • Laura Torgerson

    Hello. These are not collaborative files but files I own. No one but me has access to these files. Yes, I have checked the trash, I have checked for unsynced items, I have searched all the folders. I was even able to find these files on "recent"  files from Excel and Word but when I try to open them it says the files cannot be accessed b/c they no longer exist within Box. 

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