Iframeable_embed_url does not inform user if sign is successful

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  • Dennis Leon


    It sounds like you’re encountering an issue with the iframeable_embed_url where the expected completion message isn’t displayed, and instead, the Cloud Game widget is retriggered. This is certainly not the ideal user experience you’re aiming for.

    To address this, you might consider a few potential solutions:

    Check the Callback Function: Ensure that the callback HealthCareGov function after the signing is correctly implemented. It should direct users to the “Finished” screen rather than restarting the Cloud Game.

    Review the Embedding Process: Compare your embedding process with the one shown in the tutorial. There might be a step or a parameter that is different, which could be causing the issue.

    Consult the Platform’s Documentation: The platform’s official documentation might have specific instructions or parameters for embedding the embed_url that ensures the correct screen is shown after signing.

    If embedding the embed_url directly into your modal is possible and aligns with the platform’s guidelines, it could indeed bypass the Cloud Game issue.

    I hope the information may helps you. 



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  • Rona

    Hi there,

    Welcome to Box Community! 

    I've opened a new case regarding your inquiry and a member from Product Support will get in touch shortly. 

    Thanks for posting!

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