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  • France

    Hi Erik, 

    Welcome to the Box Community and thanks for your post in the forum!
    Have you check out this article on Understanding Folder Permissions?
    Permissions in Box always follow our waterfall permission model. This means that when you add a user to a parent folder that same level of access is automatically inherited by all of the sub folders that exist in the structure at the time you add the user, as well as to any new folders that get created there later on. There is not a way of changing this behavior in Box at the individual user level.

    We understand that this may not be what you're used to. There are two main reasons we've implemented this model: 1. we want to make it easy for you to see who has access to what at a glance; 2. we want to create a consistent user experience within folder trees.

    We also understand that there are occasions where you need one group of your users to be able to have a lower level of access at the parent folder (e.g., viewer), while allowing a smaller subset within that group to make changes or to have co-owner privileges. The way we can accomplish that in Box is through group permissions. See this diagram here for example.

    I hope that this helps to clarify how our permissions work in Box.



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  • bcarman495

    I just started looking into folder permissions and need to give users access to view many folders and files in a directory, but also need to allow those users to edit files within subfolders in that same directory. I am legitimately shocked that this isn't possible with Box. I don't believe it's accurate to call Box folder structure a "waterfall" when the permissions jump or "flow" back up to parent folder when I try to change permissions in a subfolder.

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