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  • Mike Rhee

    We're still getting the same error after Box support ran a script to sync storage usage... Please see attached screenshot of the response from the Box API call we make to upload (this happened just now). Please help.

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  • France

    Hi Mike, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    It seems you already have an open ticket for this issue with our support department, please continue working with them and I would suggest to clarify with which folder are you uploading into and who owns that folder so that they can further investigate.

    Thanks for your patience and please comeback and let us know how it goes.


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  • Tom Arban


    I've used BOX since 2009 and this 'storage amount limit reached' issue has plagued this platform since then.  Despite the assurances for a decade that the 'engineering team is working on it'.  I know there's the script mentioned above that you can run, so please run it as i've now been trying to post on a few box forums for almost two weeks and still no response, making my 100gb account unusable despite quite a bit of space that should be available. If this isn't resolved this week i'll be migrating from Box and cancelling my subscription as this hoping for a reply is an impossibly bad way to have consistency when it's most needed for a small business.  Regards.

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  • Jeff Altman

    We have an Enterprise account and are getting the 

    Account Storage Limit Reached message.

    Who can we contact for support?

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