• Rona

    Hi Ilia, 

    Welcome to Box Community and glad to assist!

    Note: If you ever come across these data inaccuracies in your account, please know that the problem is entirely with the display of these totals. This has no effect on your underlying data. All of your files remain in place and have not decreased in size or been edited by unauthorized people.

    Please keep in mind the following information about storage calculations: 

    • Trash is excluded from your overall storage calculation.
    • If you are collaborating with another user in a folder they own, the storage is calculated only as part of the owner's account and will not count toward your storage calculation.
    Most of the time, aggregates will be updated within an hour or less. For larger changes or more complex folder structures, aggregates may take up to 24 hours to be correct.
    For reference, you can visit this article. 
    Thanks for posting!
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  • Ilia Bukalov

    I don't think it is the case. It says 10 of 10gb is full while actually only around 5GB max in drive.

    And I cannot upload any files anymore.

    Please refer to the issue

    it was the same and was resolved only after admins executed some internal script.

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