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box drive no longer working with windows explorer search

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  • France

    Hi Esamett, 

    Welcome to the Box Community, I'm happy to help!

    Please be advised that Windows search tools such as Cortana or File Explorer search do not return Box Drive results. This is currently a known limitation and we encourage the use of Box Drive's search tool instead.

    Thanks for reaching out and let us know how else we can he of help!


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  • esamett

    Sorry. I don’t think this solves problem. I need to search a root directory and subfolders for *.pdf. Then control-A select all then delete all instances . I don’t think your suggestion will do that.

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  • Nichole Robbins

    Are there any plans to remove that limitation and allow box drive results to populate within file explorer? This is a huge limitation for our company as well. Box Drive Search Tool within the web app is so clunky and it's going to take me so much longer to do the copying/cutting and pasting of .pdfs to different folders this way. Which in the long run is more man hours they're going to have to pay me. If this is not currently on the roadmap can it please be included?

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