Remove Box icon from Menu Bar on Macbook

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  • France

    Hi Jerod, 

    Welcome to the Box Community, I'm happy to help!

    I'm afraid the only way to remove the Box icon from your Macbook's menu bar is to quit the application which will then stop Box Drive from running on your Mac.

    If you have any product feature request or suggestions, we recommend you post your idea on for more visibility. Our product team reviews all submissions and will consider whether to include feedback in their product roadmap. 

    Thanks for reaching out and let us know if you have other questions!




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  • Ravindra Angadi

    I too exactly have the same issue. Even if you exit the box, once you login it again comes back. It is real annoying! There should be an option to selectively visible/hide the icon on the menu bar.

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  • Piotr Pac Pomarnacki

    I would love to have that option ...

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  • Ryan Cmich

    Same! It serves little utility being there. Give us the option to remove it! 

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  • B KennedyBalint

    Please add the option to remove this silly icon. I hate this new trend for every app to colonize the menu bar. All I want to see on that part of the screen is the time, my wifi status, and laptop battery status, NOTHING ELSE.

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  • David Moseley

    Would like to remove it thank you!

    Or rebrand, your logo isn't very good.

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