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  • Kourtney


    This error indicates that the redirect URL passed in the authorization URL does not match exactly to what is configured in the developer console. From the details above it looks like one is HTTPS and one is HTTP. 


    Kourtney, Box Developer Advocate

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  • Krzysztof Wypijewski

    Hello Kourtney

    Thanks for the answer
    Please see where we are now 
    ODBC  works fine 
    JDBC we can connect to source 
    we can create info links (spotfire elements)
    we can see whole content from BOX
    Unfortunately we cannot get any data :
    Error message: Could not open information link.
    ImportException at Spotfire.Dxp.Data:
    Failed to create DataTable (HRESULT: 80131500)
    InformationModelException at Spotfire.Dxp.Data:
    An Internal Error has occurred. unexpected exception (HRESULT: 80131500)
    1) we created OAuthVerifier 
    2) put OAuthVerifier  into the driver and set InitiateOAuth: Set this to REFRESH. 
    3) we received the file with encrypted:PASSWORD
    4 put the file to Spotfire linux server where the driver is installed 
    5) We cannot Test the connection to authenticate in the browser. as this is linux 
    5   from the end client we used URL from the client jdbc:box:InitiateOAuth="GETANDREFRESH";OAuthAccessToken="";OAuthClientId="";OAuthClientSecret="";OAuthSettingsLocation=/opt/spotfire/tibco/OAuthSettings.txt;OAuthVerifier="Pxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";


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  • Kourtney

    Hey Chris, 

    Im not sure this error is coming from the Box end of things. I'd be happy to take a quick look at our backend logs to see if anything jumps out if you can provide me the client ID. I do want to note that this driver was built by and is maintained by CDATA so their support team would be the best starting point for ensuring everything is set up correctly/troubleshooting. 


    Kourtney, Box Developer Advocate

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