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  • Rona

    Hi Murray, 

    Welcome to Box Community! 

    It indicates that you have already collaborated with one of our team members. Please keep an eye out and we'll stay in touch. 

    Thanks for posting!

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  • Murray Alford


    I still haven't had a response yet fixing this. Wondering if there is anything I can do myself to get around this issue? 



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  • Jake Burns

    Rona Your comment is not helpful and does not resolve this issue. I'm also trying to invite a user to collaborate on Box but I receive the "Sorry, you can not invite deactivated users to collaborate" error. 

    This person is outside of my organization (and therefore their account is not managed by me or my organization). This person needs to be able to collaborate with us so they can securely share files with sensitive information. Please identify how this issue can be resolved, as Box has not provided a clear answer to how this can be resolved. 

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