Downloading 8000 files from a publicly shared Box account

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  • France

    Hi Eric, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Bulk download is dependent on the max file size upload limit for the Account type in total. See: Understand the Max File Size You Can Upload to Box.

    If the folder is too large to download in bulk, it is recommended to download the files in smaller batches. 

    Check out this article for some tips and common issues when downloading files in Box:


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  • Eric Sokolowsky


    Thank you for responding, but you did not answer my question. I am looking for a technical solution, not a general "use smaller batches". How do I use smaller batches apart from selecting multiple files at a time in the web browser? Even when I change the number of files visible at one time to the maximum of 100, there are still 80 pages of files to download. Surely there's a way to have a program do this for me? Downloading these files is going to be very tedious otherwise. Since I'm downloading from a shared folder I do not control, there's no way for me to increase the download limit. 


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  • Natalie

    How about a script using the Box CLI ( or one of the SDKS. FTP might work too but I think there is a limitation on this based on your account type though.

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