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  • France

    Hi Conner, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    When you unsync a folder, you are only removing it from your computer ﹣ it remains in your Box account. When you take this action, Box Sync app will re-scan your contents that are synced on your computer to reflect the changes you made including unsyncing that folder from your machine.

    Basically, the folder should disappear on its own once Box Sync completed the unsync process.

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  • Tom Pauly

    I did the same rough  440 GB are allocated on my Mac Disk. I checked - but I had only 18 GB directly synched to the local machine. I verified this by checking the little cloud signs in my "BOX" drive. 

    I did this some time ago - still the same.

    Is there a chance to "unsynch" everything, delete BOX App and install it again? 





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  • Charles Hu


    I am having the same issue as well.  A folder of roughly 60GB had been synced to my desktop.  I tried to free up local disk space by unsyncing this folder.  I knew it might take a while, but after waiting 2 days, it's still trying to "unsync" the folder, which is now at 40GB.  I don't understand why it needs to sync every file again just to simply remove it from local computer...  It just takes way too long.  Is there a way to simply delete the local folder without affecting its online iteration and collaborators?  I don't want it gone from my account either, just from my local computer.  



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  • Steve Beck

    I have the same question but don't see an answer in this Community Thread. Did anyone get an answer? Once a folder has been un-synced in the cloud (Box.com), can I delete it from the desktop (Box Sync) without erasing it from my Box.com account? Background: I transferred all of my data to a new Mac and now have a mess of duplicated Box Sync folders and files and I want to get rid of the 500 GB of duplicate Box Sync files and then re-sync the 80 GB that I had before this happened.

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  • Kevin Hankins

    Same question.  My C drive is filling up with unused or unsynced Box files.  HELP!

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  • Indrajit Shaw

    Same question.

    1. I had synced a folder comprising 40k+ files and folders which was stored on OneDrive Business with a copy on my local machine.
    2. When I unsynced the folder, OneDrive simply hung disallowing me access to my regular files on the local system.
    3. So I was forced to delete the local copy of the folder from my local machine and all the files now lie in my OneDrive Recycle Bin.
    4. I need to know if deleting the files from my Business OneDrive Recycle Bin has any effect on the files in the original Box location.

    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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