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Merging Two BOX accounts into One

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  • France

    Hi Marylisa, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Is that one owner's Box account linked to a personal lite account or does the owner have his own paid subscription with Box?

    If it's a lite account, your admin can invite that account to your company Box as a 'managed user' (see this article on how to invite an already existing lite user in your company Box)  and then admin can perform "Delete and transfer". Admins have the ability to delete a managed user's account and transfer the contents to another managed user Box or to themselves. When deleting a managed user's Box, your admin will be given an option transfer the contents of that account and he can transfer it to the second owner's Box to put them all together in just one account. This process was further explained in this article on Deleting Managed Users.

    On the other hand, if one of the owner's Box is linked to paid Box subscription, he can contact our Billing team to check his options on how to achieve the above goal.

    Hope this information helps!


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  • Thomas Deely

    Wendi Barnard does this answer your question on account merging?

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  • joeawad

    I need help with account merging


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