Incorrect storage used, as I see it frequently happens here

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  • Ian Lestrange

    I'd like to add this happened, or at least I first noticed this error, when deleting files from Box. I didn't upload anything new and my used storage kept on growing while I deleted files in aims to upload other files later. The recycle bin got bugged and stopped letting me permanently delete anything there for an entire day and then I saw the used storage increase an absurd amount of over 5gb. Obviously I didn't have the chance to upload anything else.

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  • AJ

    Hi Ian,

    Welcome to the Box Community! I'm happy to help.

    I ran a script to fix the file size count in your used storage and should be seeing the right file size count.

    You can check this by going to your Box console> Account Settings>Account> Account Details> Storage ( used/total).

    You can also check this article from our Box Support page about "Storage".

    Box Support is able to run a script for specific end-users’ accounts to fix the data inaccuracy issues around user storage size, folder size, and file counts. Please note that while the issue may be fixed, we are unable to guarantee that the account will not be affected by the issue again - particularly for users with massive amounts of content.


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  • Randy H

    AJ I'm also having the same issue where my file used amount is incorrect and preventing me from being able to save anything. I have done the math myself on all folders and confirmed the total uses is less than half of the allotted. Will you run that script on my account to correct? Surprised this project is not a top priority for the devs, as this impacts all customer experience.

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